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FexMedi And WFR Launch Malaysian-Made Covid-19 Rapid Diagnostic Test Kit With Superior Accuracy To Help Government and Public Sectors Curb the Pandemic.


The early and accurate detection of COVID-19 is critical to allow countries to trace and control the spread of the virus. Since the start of the pandemic, labs worldwide have been using molecular PCR tests to detect the virus that causes COVID-19. While these provide an almost definitive result, they require laboratory infrastructure and can take several hours or days to return a result.


Rapid diagnostic test kits (RTK) are cheaper, faster, easier to use and can achieve very high level of testing accuracy – all these factors are crucial for mass testing when the spread of highly contagious Covid-19 variants such as the Delta is raging globally. To support our nation’s and people’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, FexMedi Suria and the RTK’s manufacturer WFR Medical Supplies Sdn Bhd have teamed up to introduce this highly accurate and cost effective Antigen RTK for COVID-19 diagnosis into Malaysia.


The WFR Antigen RTK has been approved by MDA and is one of the fastest and most accurate Covid-19 rapid diagnostic tests for both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients. Results are achieved in as little as 10 minutes and crucially with an above 99% accuracy rate. In a scenario where thousands of cases are showing up positive daily, such as the devastating spread of the Delta variant across South East Asia, a mere increase of 5% accuracy rate in mass testing can mean hundreds of positive cases are not left undetected in such embattled communities.


Mr John Tan, Business Development and Government Liaison Director of WFR Medical Supplies cited that ‘Testing remains utmost important due to breakthrough cases, even for the fully vaccinated, from the highly virulent Delta variant. And as community infection continues to spread, new and perhaps more dangerous mutations will occur. The importance of supervised mass testing with speed and high accuracy cannot be overlooked.”  


Mr Muhammad Zamri Baharuddin of FexiMedi added that “It makes a lot of sense to seek out early infections through trained supervision and the cost of carrying out such mass testing is far lower than managing overwhelmed healthcare facilities or businesses having to shut down for quarantine and disinfections, with far less stress and pressure on healthcare personnel and better risk management. The less budget countries need for diagnostics the more resources they can direct to vaccines or essential medical equipment for hospitals treating COVID-19 patients, saving more lives.”


As a made in Malaysia product, the WFR Antigen RTK can be procured via a much more cost effective and shorter supply chain. Enabling this critical product to reach the Government sectors, clinical partners, hospitals and industrial users via the shortest and quickest route possible. It is a hedge against inflating logistical costs at a time when international shipments are hampered by various restrictions and limitations during a pandemic, while keeping spending within the country.


The WFR Antigen RTK is now being supplied to strategic partners and end-users in controlling the Covid-19 virus spread, and more rapid diagnostic testing products will be introduced as they become available in the near future. Call 03- 86892823 or email to for more information about the product.


 Product Overview

Generic name                   :              Covid-19 RTK

Product name                   :              WFR Covid-19 Antigen RTK

Intended use                     :              Early detection and diagnosis of Covid-19 Infection

Target market                   :              Malaysia

Manufacturer and seller:              WFR Medical Supplies Sdn Bhd and Fexmedi Sdn Bhd


About FexMedi

Fexmedi is committed to become the premier healthcare distributor in the region and enhancing community health through access to the latest innovation, latest health care products and strategic partnerships. Our vision is to become the most valued and trusted healthcare and medical related distributor around the region. We endeavour to provide those medical products to prevent and treat diseases that threaten people’s lives.


Fexmedi is a dynamic company aimed at specializing as the distributor for hospital equipment, pharmaceuticals and hospital consumables. In addition, we also provide equipment for the disabled, rehabilitation, industrial laboratories as well as chemicals.


We distribute a wide range of products in the fields of:

  • Diagnostics test kits such as the Rapid Test Kits for Covid-19 etc.
  • Healthcare, medical items and devices.
  • Medical equipment covering a range of equipment for the disable, rehabilitation equipment, nursery etc.
  • Medical consumables including syringes, cannula, needles etc.
  • Disposable and reusable Hospital use textiles and personal protective equipment (PPE), such as gowns, gloves, drapes, and facemasks.
  • Medical Laboratories and blood banking instruments, reagents, chemicals, consumables etc.
  • Pharmaceutical: distributing pharmaceutical products such as vaccines, medicines, and food supplements.
  • Industry laboratories equipment, apparatus, and chemicals.
  • Industry laboratories measurement instrument / apparatus.

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